DIY Wood Photo Frames


After using some of the prints my latest order of matte 4 x 4 photo squares from Social Print Studio in my DIY Arrow Picture Mobile, I still have a whole bunch left – which means I get to keep working on fun & creative ways to display them!

These DIY wooden frames are a cinch to make – and the are super inexpensive, which makes them even better!


To make your own wood frames (which can easily be customized to any shape or size), you will need:

Balsam Wood Square Dowels (I buy mine at Michael’s for >>>>> each)

X-Acto Knife and Cutting Mat (or any cutting board)


Wood Glue

Photos! (Again, my prints are 4×4 squares ordered from Social Print Studio).

Optional: Wood stain or paint (not pictured). I used some Miniwax dark walnut stain that I had on hand for one of my frames.


Measure your cuts so the frame will fit nicely over the edges of your photo. I cut two pieces to 4″, and 2 pieces to 3 1/4″.


Use sandpaper to even the rough edges after you make your cuts, and then glue the frame together using wood glue. Then stain or paint if you wish – or leave the wood natural. I attached the photos to the backs of the frames with small pieces of double stick tape – and they are holding well. You could glue them, too, for a more permanent hold.


I love that you could make a whole bunch of these, and paint/stain them to suit your decor – for just a few bucks!


The photograph on the left is of my Mommom when she was around 10 years old – sometime in the early 1940’s. I love this particular photo so much – she looks so beautiful.


Have some photographs lying around that really deserve to be framed and displayed? Get on that – these frames could not be simpler!