February Highlights

Hi friends! I’m back! It was a crazy busy few weeks, and while I can’t say my schedule has really calmed down a great deal, I am ready to get back to it here at Some Kind of Lovely Ride!

March is here – so let’s take a second to review some of my favorite projects from February!


Top: 1) This Wire Wrapped Cement Planter was a fun and easy DIY using quick set cement. 2) I loved putting together this Arrow Picture Mobile, using some DIY-ed arrows as hangers and displaying some of my favorite prints from Social Print Studio!

Middle: 1) I made these cute heart decals with washi tape & an X-Acto knife – a fun five minute DIY! 2) Feeling the love for V-Day, I strung up a garland of mini doilies & pretty white feathers.

Bottom: 1) For one last Valentine’s Day project, I shaped this heart out of wire & wrapped it in pink twine. This is super customizable to any shape, letter, word, whatever! 2) Before taking a break to focus on my day job, I shared some of my office/work/productivity essentials.

I am SO looking forward to the start of Spring (which you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram – can you say tulip addict?)




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