Happy Love Day!


On February 14th, 2008, I went on a first non-date with my now husband, which was quickly followed up by an “official” first date the next night. It did not take either of us very long to figure out that we had already fallen in love with each other over seven previous months of friendship.

When we got married 3.5 years later, my husband assured me that our ‘dating’ anniversary could no longer be celebrated, as we created our new October anniversary. I’m glad, though, that the beginning of our romantic relationship coincided with Valentine’s Day. Now, whether dear old hubby likes it or not, I am secretly (well, not so secretly anymore, I guess) still celebrating that first date this weekend.

You may not be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner this weekend. But I have always felt that Valentine’s Day was a great time to reflect and to be grateful for ALL of the special relationships in my life. I am excited to take the time today to tell my friends, family, amazing husband & best dog Emma just how much I love them.


Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be shown in a million different ways. So let’s all take the time today to celebrate the special people & pets out there that give our lives meaning. No matter how you celebrate (or don’t celebrate) Valentine’s Day this year, I hope that you feel loved and I hope that you feel special!


Have a love filled day! ❤


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