Washi Tape Heart Decals


I picked up a couple of these little white milk bottles from the Target Dollar Spot a few weeks ago, and whipped up this temporary Valentine’s Day touch using washi tape! Here’s how:


Washi Tape (several different colors/patterns)

X-Acto Knife & Paper Cutting Mat

Heart Pattern (I just printed some hearts out onto card stock)


Cover the paper cutting mat with the tape – just randomly laying it in different directions so it overlaps & covers the majority of the mat.


Use an X-Acto knife to trace the heart pattern, pushing through the tape into the cutting mat. When you lift up the card stock, you will be able to peel the tape heart up like a sticker.


You can put your fun & colorful new heart shaped stickers anywhere you want! I put mine on my white milk bottles.


Such a simple way to temporarily spread the love (so to speak), and add some simple Valentine’s Day touches to dishes, vases, or whatever!

WashiHeart4Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Washi Tape Heart Decals

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