Seeking Sofa Advice!

So here’s the story, guys – hubs & I have a sofa/loveseat pair that we purchased together about three years ago. I currently hate them both, and silently curse them a good two to three times per day. We’ve made so many little updates to our living room/open concept main area in the past few months, many of which I’ll be sharing on le blog in the coming days. But every time I photograph our space and see our drab couches, I pray for a rogue lighting strike to suddenly smite our sofa, leaving everything else un-singed – so that we will have no alternative but to run out and buy a glorious new couch. Is that possible?

So, we’ve been looking, and talking, and reading online reviews, and looking some more. I even got my mother in on the hunt, and we spent an afternoon trying out every sofa on the floor in her local Pottery Barn the last time I went home to visit.

So here’s my wish list:

Slipcovered Sofa & Loveseat – we’ve got our darling Emma who is definitely a couch dog (judge away, people-who-train-their-dogs). I love the idea of slipcovers – in MACHINE WASHABLE MATERIAL – that I can freshen up when necessary, and even change out with new colors a few years down the road. I tend to get bored with big furniture pieces, and buying new slipcovers seems a whole lot more affordable than buying new couches when I get antsy!

Comfortable seating that won’t lose its shape – Our current couch is *just ok* for sitting (and we pretty much live on it) – but absolute torture on the back if you want to take a nap or, in my case, escape your snoring husband on a sleepless night. And now, three years into our current couch-ownership, not only are they uncomfortable, but the cushions are saggy – and no amount of fluffing or turning seems to help.

That’s it. That’s the list. Two must-haves, and hundreds of options. We’ve explored some gorgeous options that pretty much tip the top of our price range, but I keep coming back to the Pottery Barn furniture I’ve always loved from afar. To sweeten the pot, PB is running a furniture/upholstery sale right now, AND we still have a 10% off completion discount code from our wedding registry (due to expire this month).

So, readers & fellow sofa-sitters, now is your time to weigh in. Do you own, or know anyone who owns, PB sofas? Do they last? Do they hold their shape? Are they worth it?

Additionally, if we were to go the PB direction, should we do the PB Basic, with it’s traditional three-cushion look (I seriously want to live inside this picture):

img31oOr the PB Comfort, with two bigger & fluffier cushions?

img84oI’ve never owned a couch with two cushions – what’s the deal? Do you fall into the crack? (Yes I am actually asking that question). Do they slope towards the middle after awhile?

And in case you are wondering about color options, I’m obsessed with the idea of white couches, but pretty certain I would have them covered in red wine, tomato sauce, and dog slobber within a matter of weeks. I am a walking Murphy’s Law. So, I’m leaning towards Stone (in PB’s Brushed Canvas), which is a lighter neutral that may be a bit more forgiving.

Help me, friends!


9 thoughts on “Seeking Sofa Advice!

  1. Laura – I’m in the same dilemma now and equally love the two sofas you are looking at!! I’m intrigued by the 2 pillow one as it looks great for naps. I think if you go with either one they will be awesome, I’m leaning towards the three pillow one just because it is so classic. You’ve got great taste 🙂

  2. I have the PB two cushion sofa in beige and love it. I have to Labs who also love it!

    Sent from my iPad Paula Minger

  3. FYI don’t use fabrics oftener when you wash the slipcovers. It left a stain on my…don’t get me started on these new washers!

    Sent from my iPad Paula Minger

  4. Laura, I have the PB Comfort sectional in our living room. We have a greyhound and “off the couch” is not in his vocab. I cannot say enough good things about this couch. It is easy to wash, and easy to put the cover back on after washing. I have to wash them almost every other week and they have really stood the test of time. (Almost 2 years.)

    I too was wishing for a PB couch. The comfort is perfect and fits our family well. We went for the plunge after we got married and there was a sale.Our additional 10% off from the gift registry really helped us decide to go for it. Best purchase ever.

    • Thanks for your input, Kim! I’ve got that 10% registry completion, too – AND they’re running a sale right now. I think we just might do it. If I put them on our PB credit card, we’ll get loads of points too…. which means “free” shopping for throw pillows & other fun things… oh so tempting!!

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