‘Tis the Season to Sparkle!

In case you haven’t noticed (based on this, this, & this), I have been on a bit of a gold kick lately. There is something about Christmas that just makes me scream out for shimmery, glitzy, metallic gold. It is actually rather odd, because the rest of the year I would say I am more of a silver girl. But once the local radio station starts playing 24 hour Christmas music, and the houses on our street begin to light up like landing strips with all of the Christmas lights, the inner diva/jersey girl/lover-of-all-things-sparkly in me takes over and it is gold-gold-gold all the way!


So today I see you, gold, and raise you one jar of… glitter!

Playing with Crafting with glitter is probably one of the messiest most enjoyable pastimes. Upon getting the ‘glitter itch’, I grabbed a couple plain white candles, some glue, and a big jar of glitter.

In an attempt to tame the glitter & keep it where I intended it to be, I taped off the tops & bottoms of my candles, then lathered them up in glue & rolled them in a big pile of gold glitter.

It was like being a child again.

Yes, it made a bit of a mess. But after the glue dried, the glitter-fied candles have held up remarkably well. A quick spritz with hairspray would help to keep everything in place, too, but I haven’t found that necessary yet.

Oh, and the project didn’t cost anything, since I already had the candles & the glitter!

How have you added some sparkle to your holiday decorating?



One thought on “‘Tis the Season to Sparkle!

  1. I like this idea, I can also make them and give as wedding favors. My best friend is getting married and we had no idea about favors. Thanks

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