Painted Picture Books

After receiving my beautiful prints from Printstagram, I immediately began brainstorming a special way to compile them. Looking for a ‘blank canvas’ that I could get all creative on, I found some cute little white books on Amazon, intended for student projects (I remember ‘publishing’ a story in elementary school in something like these). At less than five bucks a pop, I ordered a few, thanked my lucky stars for my Amazon Prime membership, and had them in my hot little hands in a mere 2 days!

Using Martha Stewart metallic gold paint, I whipped up two versions: this part-preppy/part-glitzy gold striped book:

And a sweet & simple stenciled version labeled with our initials – perfect for filling up with photos of our autumn love-fest!

I simply taped off diagonal stripes for the first book, and used a fun alphabet stencil on the second.

I used Martha Stewart Yellow Gold craft paint in a metallic finish.

I adore them both, and can’t wait to put them to use! While the L + T book will be filled with gorgeous photos of me & the hubby, the striped one is ready for anything! Maybe it will be a new journal, or a place to stash magazine clippings & design ideas. What would you use a pretty new notebook for?


6 thoughts on “Painted Picture Books

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