Side Table Makeover

A few weeks ago, FH & I joined up with his parents to hold a little yard sale- emptying our homes of some extra & unnecessary stuff. While FH was chanting “purge, purge, purge”, I still managed to snag this little side table from my future in-laws goods.

The little guy was in great shape, with a few dings in the top. I knew right away the table would be the perfect chance for me to experiment with a few things I had in my craft bins but hadn’t found a use for yet. The most exciting part about this project is that I completing it using only things I already had, which means no late-night runs to Michael’s, and absolutely no cost! Can’t beat it!

I contemplating a quick spray-paint job, but decided the current metal finish was fine for our living room, and in perfect condition. So my makeover focused on the tabletop, which I decided to cover with a piece of brown damask fabric leftover from a purchase.

After cutting my fabric to size (and admiring the way the damask design looks in contrast to our brown & white chevron rug), I coated the table top in spray adhesive & placed, flattened, and trimmed the fabric around the tabletop. Next I broke out my favorite product: Mod Podge, and set to work securing the fabric edge to the bottom of the table, as well as giving the table top a coat.

Doesn’t look so hot right now, but once the glue dried, I gave the tabletop a quick spray with Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealant:

Once everything dried, I moved on to my next step- adding nailhead trim! I purchased some cheap-o trim from Amazon about 6 months ago with a different project in mind, but when that idea fell through I was still dying to jazz something in the house up with nailhead trim.

Attaching the trim could not have been easier (it’s like a big long ribbon of “nail-head” looking metal circles, with a space to nail in a tack every 6 circles or so. You may already know how nailhead trim works, but it was a complete mystery to me. I now am obsessed with it, and want to attach it to every piece of furniture in my house. I wont, don’t worry).

The entire project took about thirty minutes (and did I mention it cost me NOTHING?) 🙂

Now the little guy has a new home, next to a big window that somehow always makes it impossible to take a decent photo. Sorry!

It feels great to have some free time for crafts & house projects- the table only sat waiting for its makeover for two weeks, which is pretty amazing by my standards. 🙂

Has anyone else been up to fun & easy house projects, or managing to spruce up something old or used with materials you already have? It’s a great feeling- right?


20 thoughts on “Side Table Makeover

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  2. I love this idea…looks fantastic! I have a coffee table that I sanded and painted, but I wanted to do something else with the table, it needs more umph! I think. Once you cover the fabric with modge podge, and the sealant does it make the fabric hard?

  3. Wonderful idea! I’m want to do this on a child’s card table. Wondering if you know how the finish would hold up if it comes into contact with liquid?

  4. Now that is been several years since you posted this, is the table still holding up? I am considering doing this to the top of my desk so it needs to withstand 40 hours per week of use. Do you think it’s necessary to cover the fabric in plexiglass or real glass to hold up to my use? Will you please reply to my email address?

  5. OMG! What a GREAT idea! I have seen and done a lot of DIY projects and this has never crossed my mind! MANY tables and furniture pieces that could have been saved! I have a table that has a piece of glass to protect the top and this would be perfect. I wonder if you could incorporate this with glass tables? Mmaybe buy used glass tables and cut a piece of thin plywood the same size and cover the plywood with fabric then put the glass on top? Oh my wheels are turning with this idea! THANK YOU!

  6. I am recycling some old table legs to support a mosaic tile top desk for my daughter. I had an idea to cover the old wooden table legs with fabric mache. But I can’t find any info on how to make sure the mache will stay on and shapely. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Love your table!!

  7. Thank you for this article! It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t find end tables that I liked that weren’t really expensive! Thanks to reading your article I just Mod Podge’d a gorgeous $5 piece of fabric onto an $8 IKEA Lack end table and am in love!!

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