Coffee Filter POOF

I learned from Pinterest that coffee filters are one of those “who knew” craft supplies that just keep on giving.

They have been used to create all kinds of beautiful things (as if coffee isn’t beautiful enough!)

Like this unique wreath from I’ll Get You My Pretties:

Or how about this nifty coffee filter wall art from Daily Danny:

I figured I would go ahead and join in the fun- and I was inspired by this tutorial for a craft using cupcake papers. So, I made this coffee filter poof (I love the word ‘poof’!) and, while charming in its imperfection, I now can’t wait to try some more projects using filters!

To make this craft, you will need:

coffee filters (duh)- I used small filters

A floral/foam ball (mine is 5″ in diameter)

Floral pins (little metal pins/brackets found at Michael’s).

A candlestick

I would fold/bunch the filter up from the center-

And then stuck a floral pin through the center of the filter.

And into the foam form they went:

So, this took a little while- but I loved the end result!

(P.S. I used double stick tape to help balance the ball (which I left uncovered on a portion of the bottom) on the candlestick.)

And… POOF!

I know I should probably try to trim around the poof to make the circle even… but I’m afraid I’ll mess it up, so I’m putting that step on hold for the time being.

I can’t wait to try some more projects with coffee filters- I’m stocked up!


7 thoughts on “Coffee Filter POOF

    • Hi Kim! Definitely- I’ve experimented with dying coffee filters and it is very easy & has a super pretty result. I’ll post an example sometime next week- but the best way I’ve found is to give them a quick soak in a bowl of water colored with your choice of food coloring, and let them air dry. Hope that helps!

    • Hi- that is something I definitely should have kept track of! If I had to guess now, looking back, I’d say I used around 30-40 pins/filters or so per ball. I will definitely make these again and take better notes next time! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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