Green Monster

I am prepping to do a juice fast. I’ll tell more about that another day- still researching and figuring out which plan to follow, and for how long.

That said, before I get a juicer I am reacquainting myself with my blender. I love smoothies, but have never much felt like a smoothie was really a good replacement for a solid-food meal. Today, however, while enjoying our lovely day off in honor of our Presidents (and watching lots of History Channel specials on Honest Abe), I decided to try a smoothie recipe found on one of my favorite blogs, Iowa Girl Eats. Thank you Kristen for the Green Monster Spinach Smoothie!

Let me just say…this thing is delicious. I should also point out that while writing I have drunk about 3/4 of my glass, and I am feeling quite full.

The nutritional value of this thing is great. Spinach is a super food! Spinach is low in calories and sodium, and free of fat & cholesterol. It is packed with vitamins A, C, & K (what does vitamin K do?), as well as iron & fiber. Spinach is also a source of lutein, which promotes eye health and may even help prevent certain cancers.

As health-conscious as I may try to be, reading all of these great Spinach traits still does not make me want to pile a plate high with spinach salad. It simply does not do it for me.

Blend it up with banana and peanut butter, though, and sign me up!

My first Green Monster differs a bit from Kristen’s. I do drink Silk Almond Milk, but I usually buy unflavored. My greek yogurt was plain flavored as well, and for no caloric difference I could swap both of these for vanilla flavored and sweeten up my Popeye juice.

Here are the ingredients:

(I sliced & froze a few bananas in individual zip-lock bags for the week).

The recipe calls for:

1 sliced, frozen banana

1 tablespoon of peanut butter (yum)

1/2 cup of non-fat greek yogurt

1 cup milk (regular, soy, almond…)

As much spinach as you can fit in the top of the blender!

If you're wondering why my smoothie pictures are so lovely... it is because I am obsessed with Instagram.

I ran my blender on pulse to break up the frozen pieces, then blend for a few seconds, then I pushed it up to liquify. My smoothie did not turn out quite as green as Kristen’s- I imagine she packed in more spinach than I did.

Nevertheless, I poured my concoction into my favorite plastic daisy tumbler (Target circa 2007) and took a cautious sip.

Soo good and satisfying! This is a healthy success, and I can’t wait to make it again!

P.S: Stay tuned for more on my upcoming juice fast, including why, what & how.


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